What was born in Egypt will hopefully die in Egypt

“Allah is our objective; the Quran is our law, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad

is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.

This is the creed of the Muslim Brotherhood with their goal being to re-establish the Islamic Caliphate and implement Shari’ah (islamic law) worldwide…and this is the group Barack HUSSEIN Obama says must remain ‘an integral part’ of Egypt’s new government.

Egypt…the ancient land of the great Pharaohs…the land at the heart of civilization’s core…has said in a voice 33 million strong NO to the Muslim Brotherhood…proven killers NOT only of men but of freedom, passion, and free will.

And while the Muslim Brotherhood was born in Egypt, the events of last week signal humiliation and defeat that together could cause an internal collapse from within the ranks of the faithful, for the will of the Egyptian people to be free…to choice their own path…is too strong NOT to be heard.

Briefly, in 1928, 22-year old Egyptian Hassan al Banna, the son of a muslim imam and himself an elementary school teacher, created the Muslim Brotherhood as a religious, political, and social endeavor after being inspired by the Sufi movement (the supposed mystical inner dimension of islam) with its belief that all the problems of the muslim world were a direct result of muslims not living the true islamic life, as modeled by muhammad and those of the first few generations of muslims.

Officially known as the Society of Muslim Brothers (al-Ikhwa-al-Muslimin)…the name the Muslim Brotherhood is its westernized moniker…the group was founded in the aftermath of World War I after the Ottoman Empire was dissolved in July 1923, and the nation of Turkey was formally established.

With its goal of unifying the islamic states, expanding the Caliphate, and subordinating all lands under said Caliphate to the Shari’ah, the Muslim Brotherhood grew strong in Egypt over the intervening years, including the creating of a military branch known as ‘the secret apparatus.’

Starting in the 1940′s, the Muslim Brotherhood turned even more militant as they called for the removal of all British forces from Egypt…if by force if necessary…and in December 1948, a Muslim Brotherhood member assassinated Egyptian Prime Minister Mahmud Fahmi al-Nuqrashi. In February 1949, Egyptian security forces killed founder Hassan al Banna in revenge. It was after the attempted assassination of Gamal ‘Abd al-Nasser in 1954 by a member of the ‘secret apparatus’ that Nasser abolished the Muslim Brotherhood, imprisoning and punishing thousands of its members. And while those who succeeded Nasser tolerated the still active ‘underground’ Muslim Brotherhood that was fueled on by the islamic student activist movements of the 1970s and 1980s, it was NOT until the 2011 Egyptian Revolution and the fall of Hosni Mubarak that the group was legalized.  And in April 2011 they launched a new political party called the ‘Freedom and Justice Party’ with Mohamed Morsi as its leader.

Now with the Second Egyptian Revolution in full force tit for tat…an eye for an eye…takes on new meaning for the peaceful overthrow of Morsi is being met by Muslim Brotherhood initiated violence and murder. And so the military must answer violence with force…the only thing barbarians understand…for shear military strength is the only way to stop the Muslim Brotherhood before they grow even stronger. Fact, as of today, the Muslim Brotherhood has members and is active in 80+ countries (including here in America thanks to Barack HUSSEIN Obama welcoming them with open arms and even putting them in governmental positions) with each country having an Organizational Conference, a Shura Council, and a General Masul (Leader). Mohamed Badie, the Supreme Guide, is the leader of the International Muslim Brotherhood (IMB), based in Cairo, and he and his ilk are focused solely on bringing the West to its knees.

And NO matter what Obama or his minions say, the Muslim Brotherhood, the strongest and most organized of all the terrorist groups, is indeed ground zero for all the other major terrorist groups for all were born out of them. In 1987, Hamas sprang from the Palestinian Muslim Brotherhood, and al-Qaeda also is a direct offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood as many current al-Qaeda members (and 9/11 conspirators) can trace their roots back to the Muslim Brotherhood. In fact, members of the group counseled a young Osama bin Laden in Saudi Arabia, and Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the architect of the September 11 attacks, was a member of the Muslim Brotherhood before joining al-Qaeda. Ayman al Zawahiri, the current al-Qaeda leader, also was a member.

And though some Egyptians do continue to support the Muslim Brotherhood, it’s hard for a once predominantly secular nation to return to the ‘old ways’ of shari’ah for like all secular nations fueled and driven by their economy, under Morsi’s rule Egypt was on the verge of bankruptcy…with NO jobs, a total collapse of the all important tourist industry, and monies and aid given to Egypt itself ending up in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood hierarchy instead.

And while some, including Obama, say the Egyptian uprising was an illegal military coup and that ‘democratically elected’ Muslim Brotherhood puppet Mohamed Morsi needs to re-instated (elected with as much fraud as we had in 2012), what happened last week was anything but a coup for it was a unified popularist movement whose actions were supported by the military as justification for removing an egregious tyrant hell bent on become dictator for life.

Now claiming that Barack HUSSEIN Obama is supporting tyranny and terrorism by backing Morsi, the Egyptian people have taken to the streets with signs and placards denouncing our traitor of a president…and rightly so I might add. And as our leftist in-the-pocket of Obama media still continues to claim that the overthrow of democratically elected Morsi is anti-democratic in and of itself, what they fail to report is that Morsi’s iron-hand rule and a return to the Shari’ah was actually insuring that democracy would die… and doing it with the willing support of our president (remember, Obama gave Morsi $250 million on March 5th along with 200 Abrams tanks and 12 F-16 fighter jets with the promise of eight more by the end of this year).

And that’s why the Egyptian people have outwardly turned on Obama for this man in his support of Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood is actually supporting terrorism NOT only against the Egyptian people but terrorism against America as well.

So while some are saying that the Egyptian military may try to provoke the extremists to violence to provide a rationale for crushing the Muslim Brotherhood once and for all, there actually is some logic to that, because when a movement is fueled by hate, violence, and subjugation alone…as witnessed by Morsi’s final speech last Tuesday promising civil war if he were ousted and with his supporters in the Muslim Brotherhood promising to carry out (and doing so) a bloody campaign of terror until Morsi is reinstalled…it becomes NOTHING but a cancer on the fabric of Egyptian society, and like all cancers it needs to be removed by any means possible.

The Muslim Brotherhood was born in Egypt…it was a cancer spreading forth from Egypt…may it finally be laid to rest in Egypt.


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