What did you know and when did you know it Mr. New Castrati?

Nate Silver aka Mr. New Castrati
Nate Silver aka Mr. New Castrati
So much was made about the polls, and how they were manipulated last Fall to make Obama look like he was leading more than he really was. This poll manipulation, backed by threatening to sue Gallup in court if they didn’t change their ways, caused the polls to make it look like Obama’s reelection was inevitable when in reality the race was quite close. That illusion was effective and useful and allow a lot else to happen before and on election day.

I wrote in this article about how I was right about UnSkewing the Polls, and after writing all the articles about how the IRS scandal suppressed so much organizing, fund-raising, and get out the vote efforts of the Tea Party movement, I realized something else. If all the cheating done by the Obama campaign produced that result, and I maintain it did, and that without all the cheating, Romney would have won the election. And if Romney wins the election, the great polling analysis guru of the far left, Mr. New Castrati Nate Silver, would have been flat out wrong in his claim that Obama supposedly had a 80 percent probability of winning reelection.

So I began to realize, perhaps he had inside information, on which to make his projections, and maybe he might have or might not have even known he was making his calls based on inside information. I mentioned in this article how Nate Silver changed Florida just hours the night before the election from 50-something percent probability of going to Romney to about a 52 percent probability of going to Obama, despite the fact that the Real Clear Politics average of polls, and most of the individual polls, showed Romney would win Florida. That Obama barely wins Florida by about 85,000 votes only further raises the question about whether Mr. New Castrati new about the voter scamming the Obama campaign did in Florida to steal that state from Mitt Romney.

I can imagine someone like David Alexrod, calling from the White House on a secure line, talking to Mr. New Castrati perhaps even calling himself “deepthroat” or something when he talks to Nate Silver. Maybe it went something like this:

Deepthroat: Dude, you have Florida for Romney, not going to happen. We have hundreds of thousands of votes we can get if needed. You need to change that to Obama, don’t believe the polls, we’re at least 300,000 votes ahead of those numbers.

Mr. New Castrati: Okay I’ll change that, but I can only make it about 52 percent probability the state goes for Obama, the polls are too close.

Deepthroat: That works. As long it shows in blue. Now Virginia, we’re winning that too. We have 200,000 faucet city votes we’ll submit if needed to win Virginia. Mark that blue too.

Mr. New Castrati: I’ll do that too, I can give Obama 60 percent probability in Virginia.

Deepthroat: Thanks for being so confident of our ballot box stuffing, I mean get out the vote efforts in Ohio and keeping Ohio blue on your map. I assure you, no matter what Karl Rove and John Kasich say, we’ll win Ohio. We have another half million votes at our disposal if they get a high evangelical turnout. We’re going to win Ohio.

Mr. New Castrati: I’m putting my reputation for accuracy on the line for you guys, so you better make it happen, no matter how many voters you have to steal, no matter how many Tea Party members you make sure don’t vote, whatever it takes. I”m predicting you win all the swing states except North Carolina and you need to come through.

Deepthroat: Don’t worry, we have all of them covered and you’ll be right on all 50 states and be as much a winner as we will be. We aren’t taking any chances of losing this…

Now the conversation could have been very different, or perhaps it didn’t happen, or maybe tips of information were e-mail from “Basketball Jones” or some other secret White House email account to Mr. New Castrati. The point is we don’t know.

That is why I renew the question, what did you know, and when did you know it, Mr. New Castrati? Do you have the cojones to answer this question or just ignore and prove you are in fact Mr. New Castrati?

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