What? Biden’s Dems Released A Jihadi Terrorist Illegal Immigrant On A Promise To Appear

There is a lot of time and energy being spent on solving the problems of Putin breaking in over Ukraine’s borders. Have we lost all sight of our own?

It’s difficult to ignore the irony of Kamala jetting off to Europe to solve Ukraine’s border crisis when she’s done nothing to address the invasion on our Southern Border… even though that was literally her job.

Her party, together with their enablers in the media and Big Tech have been working together on a conspiracy of silence, keeping as much attention as possible away from the crisis on our border, and the kind of people and contraband that have been smuggled across it.

For instance, when’s the last time you’ve heard a news report talking about criminal cartel members across the border opening fire on our law enforcement?

Even the aspects of this lawless, borderless policy that put Americans directly in harm’s way are not topics deemed worthy of political interest or discussion. Because they have prioritized the de facto erasure of that border.

Such a position has serious consequences. Those consequences include people who wish harm on Americans gaining free access to the country.

The list of people who wish harm on Americans would obviously include such people as jihadi extremists on international terrorist watch lists. So what could possibly motivate the Biden administration to let someone on such a list wander free in America with nothing more than a promise to appear for his court date?

On Feb. 16, Republican Congress members asked House Democrats for permission to hold a hearing about a decision to release a suspected Islamist terrorist who in November swam the Rio Grande into Texas.

Rep. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., ranking member of the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism and Homeland Security, penned the request to subcommittee Chair Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, in part on grounds that “There is no known case in which a foreign national who pinged on a terror watch list was simply released on his own recognizance. The facts in the case strongly suggest that the Biden Administration failed to follow appropriate protocols with respect to suspected terrorists.”

Eight GOP lawmakers on the subcommittee signed the letter. But it appears House Democrats are not as interested. An aide in the congressman’s office said they’ve heard nothing: “They’re ignoring us.” Two of my own emailed requests to Lee’s spokesperson went unanswered.

The silent treatment should come as no surprise in this era of sharp partisanship. The GOP co-signatories probably understood this when they sent the letter. But they had to send it anyway because the case at the root of this partisan kerfuffle is too serious for stupid swordsmanship. This one deserves a real hearing, perhaps an inspector general investigation, and media inquiry as the objectively non-partisan homeland security matter this is.

…Bazzi was among a swell of Venezuelans who began crossing the Rio Grande in escalating numbers last November on word that the United States was handing out free passes into the interior. Some 25,000 turned themselves in at the border in December and another 22,000 did in January. According to leaked Department of Homeland Security documents in my possession, Bazzi flew with his wife and daughter to Monterrey, Mexico, in early November, then swam the river into Brownsville, Texas.

His name and fingerprints flagged him as on the FBI’s terrorism watch list, so a mistaken identity is unlikely. In the lexicon of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Bazzi is described in the documents as a “Category 5 group member,” which can mean not considered armed and dangerous. But one of the government documents noted Bazzi’s file “contains substantive high side derogatory information.” —Federalist

This same individual has been denied entry to America in 2019 due to his terror connections. And he is not the only foreign-born terrorist this administration has allowed to go free.

It’s all well and good to stand up for Ukraine’s border, but if we’re ignoring our own in the process, what’s the point of pretending to care about national sovereignty?

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