We’ve tried socialism and it didn’t Work


Obama is running on equality. The rich only have what they have because they stole from the poor. If you read “Dreams of My Father”, Obama tells us he sought out Marxist professors. And when speaking of certain Supreme Court decisions, mused that they did not go far enough and address redistribution. This of course means socialism. Obama, like many other “progressives” believe that the reason people dislike socialism is because it has never been tried here. Or at least not fully implimented

But if you study history, you find that many of the truths we know are actually false. For instance, George Washington was not the first president of the United States. He was actually the fourtenth president. You have to understand that what made us a country was the Declaration of Independence. And that was the beginning of our country. The first president was actually an interim president. His name was Thomas McKean, who filled the position before John Hanson of Maryland, the first elected president took office. Hanson wasted no time and established the Great Seal of the United States, created the first treasury department, the first secretary of war, threw out all foreign troops other than the British, and designated the fourth Thursday in November as a national holiday known as Thanksgiving. Some more famous persons held the title of president such as John Hancock who served twice as president and Richard Henry Lee, grandfather of Robert E Lee.

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