Western governments ignore rise in persecution of Christians years after 9/11

Western governments ignore rise in persecution of Christians years after 9/11
Western governments ignore rise in persecution of Christians years after 9/11

Fifteen years ago, last Sunday, the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks happened in New York and by killing 2,977 people, it was the first attack to create mass casualties on a scale the USA that had not been witnessed since the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor that happened in 1941.

Nevertheless, 15 years after 9/11, western governments have continued to ignore massive escalation in persecution of Christians, Barnabas Aid reported.

However, long before 9/11 happened, another large-scale tragedy with similar causes had been unfolding which the West had been quietly ignoring. That tragedy happened to be that there was the increasing persecution of Christians in Muslim majority contexts, something that Barnabas Aid had been reporting since 1989.

Barnabas Aid also reported that these attacks on Christians have massively increased since 9/11, particularly following western military interventions.

In one example, Barnabas Aid said, “The US led invasion of Iraq in 2003 was followed by a massive increase in threats, kidnappings and murder of Christians. In 2004, even before the emergence of IS, the bombings of churches started, with well over a hundred churches and monasteries now destroyed. Consequently, an estimated 80% of the Christian population previously estimated at 1.5 million have now fled. The emergence of civil war in Syria in 2011 led either to jihadist groups emerging there or, as in the case of what is now IS, crossing the border from Iraq. What happened to Christians in Iraq is now happening to Christians in Syria… arguably with even greater brutality.”

Rise in Persecution of Christians
Rise in Persecution of Christians

“Similar proportions of Syria’s previously 2.2 million Christians have now fled genocide at the hands of IS and other jihadist groups. There is now a serious risk that in the next few years Christianity could quite literally be wiped out in countries such as Syria, which appears to be the intention of IS and other jihadists. Yet despite this western governments are largely failing to react to the plight of Christians, “Barnabas Aid said.

“Although fifteen years ago the West, particularly the USA insisted “the world didn’t change on 9/11”, the reality is that it did. The 9/11 attacks inspired Islamists around the world to think they could take on a superpower – and in their eyes ‘win’.”

“It is this failure, which has contributed towards a further, at least equally disturbing failure. The failure to recognize that one of the consequences of the growth of Islamist terrorism has been a massive increase in the persecution of Christians, the great majority of which has been at the hands of Islamists, “said Barnabas Aid.

“The West must wake up before it is too late.”

Read the full news report at Barnabas Aid.

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