West: ‘What they’re not telling you about the Navy SEAL killed in Iraq’

West: ‘What they’re not telling you about the Navy SEAL killed in Iraq’
West: ‘What they’re not telling you about the Navy SEAL killed in Iraq’

On Tuesday, Petty Officer First Class Charles Keating IV, a Navy SEAL was killed during a firefight with Islamic State (ISIS) in Iraq, the third American service member to die in combat since the Obama administration began fighting Islamic State there in 2014.

Keating was on a mission to aid other Americans who were entrapped by the Islamic terrorists and questions are being raised as to why Keating and others did not have adequate air support, something the liberal media has not spoken about or even a brief mention.

Allen West, a retired U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, American political commentator, and a former member of the United States House of Representatives is outraged as to why President Obama and his administration did not plan the mission properly.

West said, “This is the danger of the “mission creep” focus of the Obama administration. It is also reflective of combat — not a training and advisory mission. Just ask any of the early-on U.S. Army Special Forces operators who were deployed into Vietnam to “train” the South Vietnamese. What were “fewer than a dozen” U.S. troops doing in a village where they didn’t have adequate fire support?”

“Back in January we witnessed a U.S. Army Special Forces team being trapped in Marjah, Afghanistan — an American lost his life there too. This is why I was completely beside myself with the announcement of 250 troops to be deployed into Syria, “said West.

“But I have to ask, where is the mainstream liberal media coverage? Y’all know that daily when George W. Bush was president, if there was a loss of an American life in Iraq or Afghanistan it was covered everywhere, “West said. “Now, we hardly hear a peep because it’s their guy in the White House.”

As Fox News reported, “Charlie Keating IV, the Navy SEAL was shot dead by ISIS in Iraq on Tuesday, set aside a promising future in sports to join the terror fight overseas, according to some of his friends. Keating, 31, died in combat in the town of Tel Askuf, likely from AK-47 fire, officials said. He was the third American serviceman to die in combat in Iraq since the U.S.-led coalition launched its anti-ISIS campaign in the summer of 2014.

The Navy SEAL was a former Phoenix high school star distance runner who went on to run cross country and track at Indiana University before attending the Naval Academy and becoming a SEAL based out of San Diego, Fox News continued.

As a result of the liberal media not reporting the whole story, West said, “Charles Keating IV did not have to lose his life. He just didn’t have a commander in chief who considered him when he answered the call and deployed. Our Warriors will always answer the call, but the sad thing is we have no one in the White House who has ever walked that walk.”

“They may have a suit on, but underneath beats the heart of a Spartan. One who has been tested in the crucible of fire, not a damn community organizer, or a privileged pathological liar and political elitist…and certainly not a doggone socialist.”

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