Weapons Supplied By US to ISIS Fighters Handed Over to Terrorists

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alnusra (1)You have already heard how Obama spent 500 million to train five ISIS fighters, but did you know he also supplied the Nusra Front with an entire warehouse full of weapons in the same program?

When I first wrote about it back in March on Red Statements, there was no interest in the story.  Maybe more people will listen now.

Nusra Front has long been a partner of Al Qaeda, but recently, the U.S. backed Harakat Hazm decided to disband and the massive amounts of food and weapons were left behind unguarded for Nasra Front to capture.

Entire warehouses full of weapons were up for grabs.  Nusra couldn’t help but gloat as they took pictures of the American-made weapons in their possession.

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They are now about to split from Al Qaeda and plan to create a terror organization to rival ISIS, now that they have the weapons they need.  Here are some of the pictures:

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