Maxine Waters calls for Trump to be exiled from United States

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Maxine Waters, nuttier than ever. (Twitter)
Maxine Waters, nuttier than ever. (Twitter)

It’s a reasonable expectation that Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) would know at least the basics when it comes the ins-and-outs of American law. After all, she is a member of of the House of Representatives.

Unfortunately for the American people, the Honorable Congresswoman from the Greater Los Angeles Area, to be completely honest, is woefully ignorant of even the most rudimentary aspects of American law.

Either that, or Waters was knee-deep in hysterics to whip-up her political base. You be the judge.

In one of the more entertaining Twitter wars to take place in recent memory, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski have delighted in their ongoing personal insults of President Trump on their ratings-challenged program Morning Joe.

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But as everyone not living under a rock is already aware of, the president has decided to swing back. Predictably, liberals are suffering from emotional incontinence.

As the good folks over at Michelle Malikin’s Twitchy noted;

Move over, Sheila Jackson Lee. Here comes Maxine Waters to dial the Trump impeachment talk up to 11:

Should we explore the possibility that Maxine is out of her mind?

For what it’s worth, not all lefties think exile is the answer. Some think it needs to go even further than that:

Sadly for Rep. Waters, the only way the government can “exile” anyone is:

  1. The individual in question doesn’t hold US citizenship
  2. The same individual in question has been ordered by an immigration court back to their country of origin

Neither of which pertains of President Trump.

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