Watchdog: Clinton, Abedin and Mills Have Broken 2 Federal Laws

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abedin and millsDirector of Investigations for Judicial Watch and former Army counterintelligence agent, Chris Farrell, says that Hillary and her top two advisers, Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, appear to have broken at least two federal National Security laws in the handling of their emails.

The first violation is that they transmitted and received classified information using a private server.  He says that Hillary’s supporters claim that using a private server to transmit classified information is a minor offense.  Farrell says that is anything but the truth.

Farrell points out that Hillary using a private server is the first time ever in this country that a cabinet member has used a private server for their administrative duties.  Despite what Hillary tries to lie about, it’s never been done before.

Her claims about former Secretaries of State Condi Rice and Colin Powell using private emails is disingenuous in that they used their private emails sparingly and not solely as Clinton did and the fact they used devices supplied by the government with protective software installed.

[Editor’s note: Now we learn that the mobile devices used by Abedin and Mills were quite likely destroyed…  More here.]

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