Watch traffic reporter give Hillary supporters directions to Canada

route to canadaRemember when all those supporters of Hillary Clinton said they’d flee the country and move to Canada if Donald Trump won?  In a video posted Monday by Twitchy, a traffic reporter at Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Fox23 provided directions to our northern neighbor and even provided a few tips to help along the way.

Here’s the video, posted by Twitchy.

At one point, the crew began laughing.

“This is serious stuff,” the reporter said as he explained the route, telling viewers to make sure they have their passport when they get to the border.

“Will these celebrities actually follow their own promise and leave?” Twitchy asked.

Of course, we know they won’t.  They always make these promises but never follow through.

Perhaps that’s because Canada actually has immigration laws…

One person suggested those wishing to flee to Canada may not have the necessary skills to do so…

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One person at YouTube observed: “The dead-pan serious face delivery sealed it. You win the internet for today.”

We agree…


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