Watch deranged Hillary supporter go nuts when cop won’t let her harass Trump supporter

SJW claims First Amendment gives her right to harass Trump supporter.

profane, deranged SJW, flips off Trump supporter
Profane SJW berates cop, says First Amendment gives her right to harass Trump supporters.

This video has been out for a couple days now, but it goes a long way to demonstrating our thesis that liberalism, at its core, is an ideology of rage and hate.  In it, a deranged and profane supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton goes berserk when a police officer tells her she can’t harass a supporter of GOP nominee Donald Trump.

It appears that while she was driving to a school to pick up a child, she spotted someone with pro-Trump yard signs and decided to slow down or stop to flip him off.  The Trump supporter apparently didn’t like that and, she claims, began chasing her down the road.

Then she decides to berate the cop, telling him that it’s her First Amendment right to harass the Trump supporter because the candidate, in her view, is a racist.

“There’s a racist, xenophobic maniac running for president and that guy is supporting him!” she told the cop.

“I only gave him the finger one time and if he is too much of a p***y to be able to accept that from a woman that’s his problem,” she added later.  “Men will always have the upper-hand in this country until we elect a woman,” she whined.

Here’s the video, and be warned, there’s lots of profanity…

“She is the embodiment of the Leftist/Progressive. Repugnant,” one person wrote at YouTube.

We agree.

“That is an example of a very good law enforcement officer. We need to send that man some donuts for his patients with this crazy emotional women,” another person added.

Indeed, the officer shows a great deal of restraint, but you can tell he was beginning to get irate with her.


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Sadly, this is the modern left.


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