Watch CNN cut off GOP Rep. Scott Taylor after he mentions refugee crime stats

CNN Taylor GOP Rep refugeeWhile appearing on CNN, Rep. Scott Taylor, R-Va., was abruptly cut off after he mentioned refugee crime statistics, reported Tuesday.

According to the report:

In the video, Taylor states that he is a member of the appropriations committee that funds the Department of Homeland Security. He then refers to a new report by the FBI that states that 30% of current domestic terrorism investigations by the bureau are of refugees. After stating, “It’s important not to label all refugees bad people, that’s not why I’m here,” Taylor’s feed is then lost.

Bash blames “TV gremlins.”

A partial transcript was posted at the Gateway Pundit:

Dana Bash: “Do you think as a member of the Homeland Security committee it is necessary for the security of this country to put this ban in place?”

Congressman: “I do think that it is important for our security and I think that the people overwhelmingly in the country want that as well too because again just today the FBI comes out and says that 30%, 30% of their domestic terrorism cases that they are investigating are from folks who are refugees.

It’s important not to label all refugees bad people..that’s not why I’m here..but”…BEEEEP

Dana Bash: “Oh! I was just gonna say Congressman it’s time to go but I think the T.V. Gremlins did that for us.”

Here’s the video:

It’s not the first time this has happened as we reported here.

No wonder CNN is now seen as the least-trusted name in cable news


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