Washington’s ‘Blue Wave’ could hit gun owners hardest

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The Seattle P-I.com is headlining what appears to have been a “blue wave” over Washington state in Tuesday’s primary – an election that many apathetic gun owners and conservatives sat out – and if that comes true in November, Evergreen State gun owners can thump their chests all they want, they’re still in trouble.

Washington state gun owners keep saying this, but if they don’t vote in November, they will be in trouble, say activists following a disappointing, and alarming, primary election Tuesday. (Dave Workman)

The political reality is that chest thumping doesn’t substitute for voting. Telling someone else to “keep up the good work” translates to expecting someone else to do your fighting for you.

For example, in Washington right now, state preemption is under attack. The Second Amendment Foundation and National Rifle Association are suing Seattle and Edmonds over alleged violations of the law by adopting local gun control ordinances requiring so-called “safe storage” and reporting lost firearms to police.

One rights activist speaking via telephone Wednesday morning told CFL that Washington state is “in trouble” and he is very disappointed in the low voter turnout, somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-27 percent of eligible voters. Pathetic doesn’t come close to describing that kind of involvement, frustrated activists are quietly saying Wednesday.

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Here’s how it shakes out for Evergreen State gun owners: You and your rights are on the menu. That applies to:

  • Shall-issue concealed carry
  • State preemption
  • “Safe storage”
  • Semi-auto ban

Also, if Initiative 1639 makes it to the ballot in Washington, that just might frighten gun owners into actually filling out their postage paid mail-in ballots and returning them in November. That’s the gun control measure now being contested by the National Rifle Association and Alan Gottlieb, founder of the Second Amendment Foundation.

For conservatives in general, the message between now and November is that it translates to higher taxes, and bigger and more invasive government. As Seattle’s morning conservative KVI commentator John Carlson observed, the whole state would become just like Seattle. For people in Naches, Republic, Northport, Tonasket, Colfax, Morton, and other small “backbone” communities, “them’s fighting words.”

The one bit of encouragement on a national scale is a new Rasmussen survey released Wednesday that suggests Republicans are closing the gap with Democrats in the Congressional midterms. Democrats are still ahead with likely voters (45 percent) but Republicans are gaining (41 percent) with nine percent undecided and four percent wishing for some other candidate, perhaps willing to sacrifice the good while searching for the perfect.

The national Democrat lead has been eroded; they were ahead by eight percentage points in early July.

Rasmussen will provide updates its generic congressional ballot every Wednesday until the November general election.

KVI’s Carlson and some of his guests Wednesday called the Tuesday vote results a “wake up call” to Evergreen State conservatives. Unfortunately, for too many on the right, that telephone rings on the morning after the election, leaving the apathetic voter only one option: to complain about the way things are until they can not do anything again during the next campaign season.


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