WaPo: This ‘hipster’ haircut could make you a white nationalist

According to the Washington Post, the haircut worn by rapper Macklemore could make one a white nationalist. Wikimedia Commons

Talk about “fake news.”  In a particularly strange article posted November 30 by the Washington Post, staff writer Monica Hesse and feature writer Dan Zak went after a “hipster” haircut that’s been around for decades.  The reason? It looks very much like the haircut once worn by certain Nazis.  So naturally, sporting the same haircut makes the person look like a Nazi, and quite possibly indicates the person is a white nationalist.

Truth Revolt noted:

Staff writer Monica Hesse and feature writer Dan Zak are in a panic over a hipster haircut that has been worn over the last few years by skinny-jeaned liberals, rockers, celebrities and sports stars alike. Why the sudden hysteria? Because they recently saw the video of a conference room full of white nationalists sporting the hair-do and suddenly it’s the most racist thing they’ve ever seen.

“Does this haircut make me look like a Nazi?” the headline asks. Yes, concludes the article because it’s “The same haircut. The exact same haircut [emphasis theirs]” as those white nationalists, led by Richard Spencer who wears the hairstyle, shouting “Hail Trump” in the video.

They’re right. The haircut is straight out of Nazi Germany, sported by the Hitler Youth. Adolf Hitler styled his with a particular brand of racist, murderous rage. But in the 70 years since World War II, the hairstyle has lost most of its association with that dark time, unlike Hitler’s trademark Charlie Chaplin mustache which everybody steers clear of, besides the few attention seekers.

According to the Post:

Promoters of white nationalism — or the “alt-right,” as some call it — are coming out of the woodwork now. They say they have been emboldened by Donald Trump’s various calls to ban Muslim immigration into this country and deport millions of undocumented Latin Americans. They have a leader in a man named Richard Spencer, who wears the haircut along with his three-piece Brooks Brothers suits. It’s Hitler Youth rebranded as Hitler Yuppie — an insidious way to blend in.

“I posted on Facebook yesterday that it’s probably time to think about getting rid of my haircut,” says Joseph Phelan, a community organizer and anti-racism activist who lives in Brooklyn and acquired the haircut several years ago at an old-fashioned barber shop. Phelan read a profile on Spencer and was dismayed to learn his haircut is fondly if ironically referred to by many wearers as a “fashy.”

Oddly enough, the Post admits:

There’s an ironic issue with these men wearing this haircut: Since its long-ago heyday, it has been claimed by others, who are not at all connected to fascist worldview. Quite the opposite. Beginning around 2010 or 2011, it became the haircut of Mackle­more, the Seattle rapper. It became the haircut of several cast members of “Glee,” as well as David Beckham.

The haircut that long ago appealed to the Nazis became, more recently, the choice of fashionable young liberal men, gay and straight. Celebrities sent their high-and-tights, as they called them, around the globe, spawning a generation of imitators and obligatory trend pieces, which noted in 2011 that it had become the preferred cut for the well-coiffed, well-clad, crunchy cosmopolitan.

Naturally, the Post fails to consider the idea that some people may think the haircut looks good on them.  “In this instance, what’s ironic is that the men in white nationalism circles are sporting a hairstyle that’s already been repurposed in the 21st century by young people whose ethos is radical safe-space inclusiveness, not ethnophobic separatism with eugenic undertones,” the Post said.

Trey Sanchez added:

This overreaction has even caused many liberals to declare desperation at such a level they would be willing to go back to the mullet rather than appear racist. But these two WaPo writers think there’s a better way: “make the white nationalists get a different haircut — so the rest of us can identify them.”

The Post writers even offered some suggestions:

The Dorothy Hamill wedge cut. No one’s really worn it since 1980, so it’s all yours.

The double man bun. We really just want to create a taboo around this look.

The Rachel. Remember how every teenage girl in the ’90s wanted to look like Jennifer Aniston on “Friends”? Nazis, you may now have it.

The Trump. The president-elect remains the only practitioner of this hairstyle, which has been described many different ways. Perhaps it’s time your scalp throws its support behind the man you see as your hero.

A mangy mishmash of bald spots and several long strands of hair-stuff that wrap multiple times around your head and smell like cheese and evil: Your hairstyle should reflect who you are.

Here’s our response:

More stupidity from liberals on Orlando. Now they want to ban white Americans from America.


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