Walid Shoebat: Obama wants a race war to overthrow America’s government

obama-racewarIn a blog post detailing how Ismaaiyl Brinsley, the man who murdered two New York police officers execution-style, is really a Muslim jihadist, Walid Shoebat made an explosive claim.

According to Shoebat, Barack Obama “wants to cause a race war in order to overthrow the American government.”  That would probably explain why Obama has so far refused to call for law and order in the streets of America, essentially enabling people like Brinsley.

He had more to say on the matter — much more:

The Muslims are using the rioters, and of course race, as an instrument for jihad, and Obama is as well playing a major role in this. The entire movement is a conspiracy to weaken the American police force to further enable jihad in America.

To prove the point, Shoebat posted video of Bassem Masri, a Palestinian who is openly pro-Hamas:

Remember, back in November, Obama met with protest leaders, concerned that the protests “remain on course.”  Remain on course for what, exactly?  Does Obama really want a race war in order to completely destroy the country?

And remember, one Missouri Democrat openly admitted this was their “race war.”

The possibilities boggle the mind.

Shoebat, by the way, does an excellent job of connecting the dots, as usual.  His entire piece is well worth reading.

What do you think?  Does Obama really want a race war and jihad in America in order to overthrow the government?  Let us know in the comments below.

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