Wait until you see how much the Sanders Bernie-Care will really cost

Wait until you see how much the Sanders Bernie-Care will really cost
Wait until you see how much the Sanders Bernie-Care will really cost

When Obamacare was introduced and passed, it was touted as affordable but premiums for people purchasing coverage in the individual market have significantly increased in a majority of states.

Now, Democratic Socialist presidential candidate Sen. [score]Bernie Sanders [/score](I-VT) is touting his own healthcare plan and the costs are unprecedented, costing twice of $13.8 trillion he stated over the next decade, which would be paid via tax increases for nearly every taxpayer.

Christine Rousselle, Managing Web Editor with Townhall.com found that what Sanders is proposing would actually cost $32 trillion, more than double the estimate due to a study performed and such costs would be unsustainable.

Sanders has been promoting his healthcare plan that would create a federally administered single-payer health care program for all citizens, which is against the Constitution as the federal government has no authority to administer such a program, but ignores the “actual” cost.

Surprisingly enough, the report of the higher cost came from a study from the left-leaning Urban Institute in which they found that Bernie-care would cost more than twice as much as the $13.8 trillion price tag touted by the Sanders campaign.

In that study, it states, “Bernie-care would increase federal health care expenditures by $32 trillion, 233 percent, over the next decade. The $15 trillion in additional taxes proposed by Sanders would fail to even cover half of the health care proposal’s price tag, leaving a funding gap of $16.6 trillion. In the first year, federal spending would increase by $2.34 trillion. To give some context, total national health expenditures in the United States were $3 trillion in 2014.”

The supporters and Socialists who love Bernie Sanders and his socialist agenda have been ignoring the costs associated with Sanders healthcare plan, ignoring the tax increases, and ignoring the fact of the massive debt the United States already has and will be in the future.

Sanders proposal of $15.3 trillion in tax increases would raise rates on virtually everyone, including the middle class, who are already taxed at high rates and struggling in the Obama economy.

The national debt stands at $19.2 trillion with $102 trillion of unfunded liabilities and if the national debt stood at $19.2 trillion and with Sander’s healthcare plan of $32 trillion, if all paid for by the government based on several factors with no tax increase, then the present national debt would be $51.2 trillion.

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