WA Times: ‘Biden goes hard left; GOP unable to block agenda’


Has Joe Biden taken a hard left turn, or is he simply on the same path he’s always followed? (Screen snip, YouTube, White House)

The headline in the Washington Times says it all: ‘Biden goes hard left in his first 100 days; GOP has been unable to block agenda’ on the day after the president made his first address to Congress, outlining his plans and calling for help from Republicans to pass gun control laws.

While Biden told his audience “I don’t want to become confrontational,” it’s not certain he really meant it, because in his next breath he seemed to plead with and at the same time demand from Republicans to “join with the overwhelming majority of their Democratic colleagues” to press the Biden-Harris administration’s gun control schemes. But is that what Americans really want?

According to a couple of recent polls, by McLaughlin & Associates and more recently Rasmussen Reports, the majority of Americans are far less interested in seeing new gun control laws passed than they are in the enforcement of existing laws to reduce violent crime.

As the Washington Times noted, Congress passed a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package “without a single Republican vote.” The newspaper added, “. Democrats can ram through Mr. Biden‘s two-phase infrastructure and social safety-net plan, costing another $4.1 trillion, with the same narrow partisan majority.”

That does not reflect the sort of “unity” Biden called for on Inauguration Day, nor does it fall in line with more recent statements.

Biden’s perceived ineptitude on the subject of border security and illegal immigration has many people bristling in Texas and Arizona. People are blaming him for everything from the crisis on the border to the higher cost of gasoline.

As reported by the Washington Times, “Republicans have complained mightily about Mr. Biden‘s rapid and unilateral shift to the left on issues from climate policy to gun control. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell this week called it ‘an administration that chooses to govern like it owes everything to the radical left.’”

Fox News, paraphrasing McConnell (R-KY), said the senator believes Biden’s address “showed the president is not serious about seeking bipartisan compromise” on issues. The cable news channel added a few lines later, “McConnell…said on the Senate floor that there’s a wide gap between how Biden presents himself to the public and the details of what he’s actually doing in office.”

All of this raises a question nobody so far has addressed. Has Biden suddenly gone “hard left” or is that where he has been all along? He has been in office just over three months. He’s got the better part of four years remaining in his term, or perhaps more appropriately, the country has almost four years to see what happens next.


New poll on guns further cements Dems as 2A opponents


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