Vox suggests AR-15 can be equipped with a grenade launcher

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Vox claims AR-15 can be outfitted with grenade launcherApparently, knowledge of one’s subject matter is not required at the far-left anti-gun Vox.  In an article published last week, the media outlet included a graphic it obtained from another anti-gun group, that suggested the AR-15 can be outfitted with a grenade launcher.  Oh, and it has a “bayonet mount.”

Here’s the picture:

assault-weaponNaturally, Vox was heavily mocked on Twitter.


You can’t.  But facts to anti-gun liberals are a bit like crosses to vampires.

What was that, anyway?  Fertilizer?  Well, it seems there’s a lot of that at Vox…

Remember, this is the site where one writer suggested King Obama unilaterally ban all Americans from buying guns.

Oh yes, they do.  And their low-information audience will eat it up.

Actually, I can see other left-wing outlets doing the same thing, but the point is well made.

One person made a very good point:

The bottom line is this.  Liberals like those who write for Vox aren’t concerned about the facts regarding guns.  All that really matters is the propaganda and the goal of stripping Americans of their Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

Exit question: How high does Vox want the body count to get?

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