Voting Machines FAILING In Maricopa County Amid Heavy Republican Turnout… Every Attempt Is Being Made By Dems To DENY Or DELAY Kari Lake’s Victory

(Natural News) Voting machines in Maricopa County, Arizona are having “tabulator malfunctions.” Dr. Kelli Ward reports “BIG problems” with “tabulator malfunctions” in at least six places. She warns, “DO NOT PUT YOUR BALLOT IN ‘BOX 3’ TO BE ‘TABULATED DOWNTOWN.’” She is advising voters to find their next nearest polling place at http://Maricopa.vote because Maricopa’s downtown tabulators will not be turned on during actual election day and will be subject to interference in the days ahead.

“I am getting flooded with calls and text messages from people who are having trouble voting all over Maricopa County,” tweeted Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake. “THIS is why we must reform our elections.”

Charlie Kirk reported that: “a poll worker in all-important Maricopa County” told “Election Day voters the machines are broken.”

Reporter Yvonne Wingett Sanchez reported that “10% of polling places are experiencing problems with tabulators” in Maricopa County. “One machine became operative after it was cleaned. Voters can still place their ballots in a slot in a locked container; they will be counted at the downtown tabulation center tonight,” she tweeted.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

2020 ballot fraud in Maricopa County was disregarded by the Democrats in charge

Maricopa is the same county in Arizona that went through a grueling forensic audit after the 2020 election. That audit detected approximately 54,000 invalid ballots – which is well over the state’s 10,000 vote margin that granted Biden a fraudulent victory. Deceased voters (282 ballots) were only a small fraction of the problem. The mail-in ballot system had serious flaws, allowing over 23,000 people to vote from a previous address. There were over 10,000 cases of potential voters voting in multiple counties. There were a multitude of issues. Over 9,000 more ballots were returned by voters than were received. There were 618 voters not part of the official precinct register. There were another 2,081 voters who moved out of state during the 29-day period preceding the election. There were 500 duplicated ballots with incorrect and missing serial numbers. There were 397 mail-in ballots that didn’t have a record of being sent. Over 3,400 of the official results do not match the person who voted.

The problems in Maricopa have apparently not been resolved. Now certain tabulators are shutting down and voters are being told to trust poll workers to count the votes at a central location at a later date. Rich Baris “The People’s Pundit” said the turnout is “very heavy, very early in Maricopa.” Voters are essentially being told to leave their ballot in a box in the corner of the room. He says this is “a chain of custody nightmare” that can be easily exploited.

Democrats look to “save democracy” by not addressing the election issues that threaten democracy

A week before the midterm election, Joe Biden made his final pitch to American voters at a Democratic National Committee event in Washington. “As I stand here today, there are candidates running for every level of office in America — for governor, for Congress, for attorney general, for secretary of state — who won’t commit to accepting the results of the elections they’re in,” Biden said, before claiming that “American democracy is under attack.” However, Biden refuses to acknowledge the tens of thousands of fraudulent votes in precision counties that swung the election in his favor. Anyone who speaks out about the tabulation errors, the chain of custody issues, and the potential for interference is to be regarded as a “threat to democracy.”

The Washington Post and other corporate media outlets have already primed the public to accept that election day will become election week or election month. In U.S. elections, why does it take so long to count votes?” the Washington Post published in the lead-up to the midterms. NBC ran a story, claiming, “Why we might see a delayed result on election night.” The Democrats in charge claim to “protect democracy” yet they fail to address the real-life election issues that threaten democracy and sow discord and civil unrest.

Democracy is indeed under attack, but the fraud, irregularities, and interference must be addressed head-on, not ignored.

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