Voters Think Hillary is B*^chy? Say It Ain’t So

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Shrillery2A focus group was run in NH and the only thing pro and anti-Hillary voters could agree on is that Hillary is a b*^ch.  Hillary is making the war on women the focus of her campaign, but women in the focus group seemed somewhat offended by Hillary’s claim that women are suffering from inequality in the workforce.  One woman named Shannon said:

“I don’t feel unequal.”

Another woman, Kara agreed:

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“I agree. I don’t feel unequal. I don’t feel that I’ve had a job where I feel unequal to my male counterparts. So it’s not an issue that speaks to me.”

Clinton stooge who was surprisingly dressed like a man, bemoaned the fact that if a man said the same thing in the same way, he would be considered “impassioned” and that is a double standard.  Now, that’s not the dumbest comment I have ever heard, but it’s definitely in the top two.  Another Clintonphile said that Hillary ids condescending and that would probably result in gridlock.

Yet another member of the group classified Clinton as “b*^chy, to which everyone agreed to some extent:

The bottom line is whether you like or hate her, you can’t stand the b*^ch.


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