Voter Fraud, Clinton Spending- But it’s not over till the fat lady sings

The Election is not “over until the fat lady sings,” but your vote is in jeopardy! There is a massive voter fraud investigation in Texas. Hillary Clinton is working hard to get Democrats in Congress by spending  $10 million dollars against their Republican counterparts in various races across the country. Her “war chest” is said to be more than double that of the Republicans.

voter fraud

Voter fraud in Texas

The Star-Telegram reported that Tarrant County, Texas is in the midst of the largest voter fraud case in their history. It involves the mail-in ballots during the primaries.

Texas law only allows people to witness one mail in ballot per person. They received 131 mail in ballots, some of them “witnessed” by the same people 4 or 5 times. “Ballot-harvesting” as it is called is illegal in Texas and has been since 2013.

“We understand that, despite all the lollipops and rainbow talk we hear that there is no election fraud, there is rampant voter fraud in parts of this state,”state Rep. Mike Schofield, R-Katy

Republicans sent out an emergency alert to their supporters, asking them to volunteer as poll watchers.

“History has repeatedly shown that Democrats will do everything they can to buy, steal and cheat their way to victory at the ballot box. It is up to us to ensure that every vote here in Tarrant County is PROTECTED and LEGAL….We especially need poll watchers in Democrat-controlled locations. Voter ID is still required in Texas. We want to make sure OUR VOTER ID LAW IS FOLLOWED.” Republican alert

The Democrats think it’s all hype, of course. But if the investigation finds that fraud has been committed, Texas voting laws may be changed once again.

“If there’s an investigation, so be it. Let them investigate. I’m going to continue to do what I’ve always done, encourage people to vote early, in person or by mail. If this has an ill effect on people’s right to vote by mail, … it’s unfortunate.” State Rep. Ramon Romero, D-Fort Worth

So I guess it’s just too bad if someone’s vote is destroyed by fraud.
Your vote is also being outspent

EU Newsweek reported,

“…she and other allies are shifting their gaze to the Senate and House races that will determine whether she has a Congress that can help her advance her agenda or one that will be an intransigent roadblock, as Congress has been for President Barack Obama. They have the money to spend—between the party and the Clinton campaign, the Democrats have double the war chest of Trump and the Republicans…

During a conference call Monday morning, Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook, announced plans to spend an additional $6 million on coordinated party efforts in the battleground states of Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Nevada, New Hampshire and North Carolina. The spending will be focused on mail and digital media outreach to try to get out the Democratic vote in those states, all of which are seeing competitive Senate contests this election. The governor’s races in North Carolina and New Hampshire also look set to go down to the wire.

So they are outspending the Republicans 2 to 1. What does that mean? It means that they are trying to delete our votes by using money. None of that counts the George Soros factor and the dirty tricks he is pulling by paying people to lie, cheat, disrupt, and otherwise destroy Donald Trump.

This war is NOT over, but your vote is in jeopardy!

Remember it’s not over until the fat lady sings. And Hillary may be counting her cards and believing she’s won already, but YOU get to be the deciding factor.

From lies and dirty tricks to outright fraud, the Democrats have pulled out all the stops to prevent an outsider from getting into office. We have repeatedly reported on the activities of the Demo-rats. Turn out for the polls en masse and show them their plans will not prevail!

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