Virginia State Police Exposes Two Huge Lies Told By Terry McAuliffe

In an effort to make things sound worse than they were, although the situation was bad from the word go, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe told two huge lies about what happened in Charlottesville.

That is in keeping with the liberal handbook that one should never let a good crisis go to waste, which could also explain why the cops stood down.  Were they ordered to?  Was it done to ensure there would be trouble and the assaults by Antifa would be covered up by the press?

In the first lie:

In an interview Monday on the Pod Save the People podcast, hosted by Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson, McAuliffe claimed the white nationalists who streamed into Charlottesville that weekend hid weapons throughout the town.

“They had battering rams and we had picked up different weapons that they had stashed around the city,” McAuliffe told Mckesson.

McAuliffe’s comments were picked up by other news outlets and spread through social media. But Corinne Geller, a spokesperson for the Virginia State Police, says that no such stashes were found.

In the second lie, McAuliffe tried to make the same case as with his first lie that the Nazis and supremacists were armed to the teeth. Somehow, McAuliffe forgot to mention that leftists brought guns to the counter protest with them.

The Virginia State Police also disputed McAuliffe’s claims that Virginia State Police were underequipped to deal with the heavily armed militia members at Saturday’s rally.

“The governor was referencing the weapons and tactical gear the members of various groups attending the rally had on their persons,” Geller says. “I can assure you that the Virginia State Police personnel were equipped with more-than-adequate specialized tactical and protective gear for the purpose of fulfilling their duties to serve and protect those in attendance of the August 12 event in Charlottesville.”

McAuliffe claimed in an interview with The New York Times that law enforcement arrived to find a line of militia members who “had better equipment than our State Police had.” In longer comments that were later edited out of the Times‘ story, McAuliffe said that up to 80 percent of the rally attendees were carrying semi-automatic weapons. “You saw the militia walking down the street, you would have thought they were an army,” he said.

McAuliffe leaves office in January and many people think that’s not nearly soon enough.

Meanwhile, House Democrats want to formally punish President Trump for telling the truth about what happened in Charlottesville.


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