Virginia Civilian Provides Security at Military Recruiters

winchestervaWinchester, Virginia – According to federal law, Military facilities are “gun-free zones.” Recruiting stations are in highly public places- strip malls with glass windows across the front. After the murders of military members in Chattanooga, an unidentified man showed up at his local Recruiting office in Virginia  – with his AR – to provide security.

“People need to call their congressman, they need to call their senators and they need to change these laws that are on the books so these guys can protect themselves so a regular old citizen doesn’t have to go out and do it.” Virginia civilian


An unidentified civilian chose to guard the Winchester Recruiting station


The man stated that though he is not worried about another attack like the one in Chattanooga, it’s the principle he is trying to get across. Military facilities should not be gun free zones.


Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

He has been well received- both by the military and their families. Police came by and checked him out, but had no problem with what he was doing. Open carry of long guns in Virginia is legal.

“I went into each office, the ones that were open, and I was received with handshakes and thank yous. They constantly came by, and not only them, but their wives came by in tears thanking me for just being out here. They baked cookies for me and brought lunch by.” Virginia Civilian

The man says he is not a veteran, nor even a former law enforcement member, he just wants to protect the men and women who fought for our freedoms.

“We need to know what our rights are and not let anyone take them away… I certainly am grateful for those men and women who have died in [the] past to secure those freedoms.” Virginia Civilian


The Sitting Duck Policy

Military officials have stated they have no plans to change the policy of no firearms at military facilities. They don’t want to turn military bases and centers into “Fort Knox.” (Typical liberal thinking). But numerous Presidential candidates, (Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Donald Trump, etc) are calling for the change in policy.

Governor Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas directed Maj Gen Mark Berry, National Guard Adjutant General, to “arm full-time personnel as he deems necessary at military installations.” Other governors followed suit.

“I want to join in those who are calling for greater security at our recruiting stations and military installations. We’ve had numerous instances of attacks. Clearly they are a target, and for us to have unarmed military personnel makes no sense.” Governor Hutchinson


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