Violent liberals shove, block, chase Ed. Secy. DeVos, Women’s March cheers protesters

DeVos school

On Friday, newly-appointed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos visited a Washington, D.C., middle school and was met by a gaggle of violent liberals who, reports said, blocked, shoved and chased her.  Making matters worse, the so-called “Women’s March” cheered on the violent protesters.

As you can see in the video above, one protester stood in front of her vehicle as she tried to leave.

That only applies if one is liberal, however.  If one holds a view that falls to the right of Josef Stalin, however, all bets are off.

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Seriously?  This is liberal Washington, D.C., after all.

It’s needed to reevaluate its life for some time.  Sadly, every time it does, it goes even further to the left and gets more violent.

But to make matters worse, here’s what “Women’s March” tweeted:

Translation: The alleged “Women’s March,” which theoretically supports women, just endorsed harassment of a woman.  Perhaps they should rename themselves the “Liberal Women’s March.”

In normal times, it would be ironic.  Unfortunately, this has become the status quo.

“Just imagine the comments from @WomensMarch if the woman being harassed was a Democrat,” Twitchy said.  We don’t need to imagine.  We already know.

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