Videos: Crowd heckles CNN propagandist Jim Acosta at Trump rally, chants ‘CNN sucks’

Grandstanding CNN propagandist Jim Acosta found himself facing yet another extremely hostile crowd in Tampa, Florida Tuesday night, at a rally for President Trump.  Videos posted all over social media show the CNN operative heckled with chants of “CNN sucks,” ‘you’re a liar” and “fake news.”

According to Newsbusters’ Curtis Houck:

Ahead of President Trump’s Tuesday night rally in Tampa, Florida, CNN’s chief carnival barker and showboater Jim Acosta was heckled yet again by the arena of Trump supporters, chanting “CNN sucks.” Of course, Acosta chose not to ignore them and asserted that it’s “false” that the Jeffery Zucker-led network “sucks.” Okay, Jim.

Acosta began his 5:05 p.m. Eastern live shot on The Situation Room concerning the Manafort trial and a new legal argument by Trump and his legal team with a smattering of boos but nothing that was negligible.

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Three minutes later when the taped portion of his report ended, Acosta came back live with an even larger crowd shouting “CNN sucks” as he bemoaned the lack of White House press briefings as there were “only three briefings for the press this month and eight total since the end of May.”

“There is no other way to describe what the White House is doing these days, Wolf, top officials including the President are hiding from the press,” Acosta continued. He should have stopped there, but the self-centered liberal journalist couldn’t help but offer proverbial return fire in the direction of the crowd.

Here’s one of the videos Houck posted:

Other videos from a different perspective were posted to social media:

One social media user noted: “I find it hard to generate much sympathy for him. Acosta wouldn’t keep it classy even in North Korea, when the seemingly impossible was happening. He’s been writing this check with his mouth for months. He isn’t just distrusted, he’s *disliked* by some potential customers.”

Others loved the response Acosta generated:

Octavio Jones of the Tampa Bay Times noted:

“Protest” is somewhat of an understatement, but it’ll do…

A post at Twitchy called the crowd’s reaction “pretty rude,” but observed that “if CNN could just find a way to suck less, maybe it would die down a little.”

“If,” however, is a mighty big word…


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