Videos: CNN depicts Hillary Clinton as glowing ‘golden god’

CNN depicts Hillary Clinton as a "glowing god"Here we go again.  On Wednesday, Newsbusters reported that CNN (a.k.a., the “Clinton News Network”) depicted presumptive Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton as a glowing “golden god” (or “goddess,” depending on your point of view) in coverage of her victory speech on Tuesday.

Matthew Balan wrote:

CNN used some very noticeable video editing to transfigure Hillary Clinton on Wednesday’s New Day. Correspondent Jeff Zeleny ran footage from the Democratic presidential candidate’s victory speech on Tuesday night that transformed Mrs. Clinton into a glowing figure. He hyped how Mrs. Clinton was “savoring a triumph in her long Democratic primary fight — exactly eight years after extinguishing her first trailblazing campaign.”

Here’s what CNN ran:

Compare that to the original raw footage:

See the difference?

Of course, we’re not supposed to believe there’s any bias in their reporting, right?

WMAL host Chris Plante called it a “propaganda trainwreck.” That’s putting it mildly.

It reminds me of what Newsweek did back in 2010 when it called Barack Obama “god of all things.”

So it seems the media narrative is being set.  The general election is going to be covered as a race between a “glowing god” and Hitler.

And to think we’re just getting started.

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Things like this are the reason I refer to the so-called “mainstream media” as the “Democrat-media complex.”  It’s also one reason why voter trust in the media is at an all-time low.


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