Video: Young conservative CJ Pearson hammers Obama for politicizing Charleston shooting

cjpearson5On Friday, CJ Pearson, the young Georgia conservative who wondered if Obama really loves America, released yet another video going after the narcissist-in-chief.

This time, he hammers Obama for using the Charleston shooting to advance his radical anti-gun agenda.  The video is generating a lot of buzz and has already been viewed over 235,000 times.  Here it is:

There were some detractors, but most of the comments at YouTube were positive:

“CJ, you have voiced the opinion of how most Americans viewed the tragedy that has befallen Emmanuel AME in South Carolina. If only the entire “millenial” generation shared your outlook on life, and how politics really work. You have a bright future ahead of you. I am going to share your post with as many people that I can to help get your video to go viral. Even though the president made sure the families of the victims felt no sympathy from him, maybe if they saw your video, they would know that there are people who sympathize, and empathize with them in America, and do not view their losses as a means to a political end,” one person said.

“You’re a brilliant young man CJ.  I hope you go far in life and kudos to you for making this video!” another person added.

Here’s Obama’s statement:

Meanwhile, liberals are using the Charleston shooting to advance their propaganda war against the Second Amendment, conservatives, the NRA, the Tea Party, Fox News, white people and freedom in general.


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