Video: ‘Whiteness’ speaker at Portland Community College: Get rid of white people

PCC1During a “Whiteness History Month” session at Portland Community College on Tuesday, a white speaker revealed the true goal of the entire effort: Get rid of white people.

As Michael Strickland noted at Progressives Today, a question has been raised over and over: “How do we dismantle whiteness?”

He noted:

A participant began talking about her mom: “My mom is white, and she has three mixed race children, and uhmm, i was just thinking, like, just by having mixed race children, and like, having been married to a black man, in a lot of ways,she, like, gave up some of the white privilege.” To which the speaker answered “Right… And that kind of connects to my question, how can we dismantle white privilege

Here’s video of the incident:

This, Strickland added, happened on the heels of controversial statements made by PCC history professor James Harrison, who said the world will never see peace as long as “whiteness” exists.

That’s not all.

In the same session, they determined that speaking English, having long arms and being good looking are just a few of “unearned advantages” bestowed on white people.

Parents should be warned: If you have children in this college, get them out — NOW!

Strickland has more here, and it’s worth checking out.  He also tells me there’s much more to come.

God help us.


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