Video: ‘Whiteness’ seminar suggests Islamic indoctrination of young white children

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pccindoctrinationEarlier today, we reported that a seminar during Portland Community College’s “Whiteness History Month” let it slip that the real goal is to eliminate “whiteness” by ultimately getting rid of white people.  Now comes video of a parenting seminar in which presenters suggest instilling young children with white guilt while indoctrinating them with Islamic ideology through books like “The Swirling Hijab.”

The idea, it seems, is to shame white culture, Christianity and white schooling.

Michael Strickland reported at Progressives Today:

“’White is right’ is a way of denying responsibility for perpetrating race and the racist system. This is just infused in our society and in every day experiences” says this presenter at event for parenting at “whiteness history month”. She goes on to say “So, the Europeans that came over here were white, Christian people. And so it’s the Christian holidays that are advertised and the ones that are celebrated in schools. And that’s part of the ‘white is right’, is the Christian belief system”

But it gets worse.

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Presenters suggested normalizing Islamic ideas into young children at an early age:

The idea, of course, is to brainwash young children so they’ll grow up to be good little liberal drones unable to think for themselves.

Strickland posted a quote from the presenters:

“We are all biased and prejudice, all of us are, by nature of being human beings… If we don’t talk about it, we are teaching children to be racist… Especially if you’re a white American. That’s part of the European upbringing, is that you don’t talk about things that make you uncomfortable, and you kind of hope they go away. Then, what we’re doing, and families of color have to talk about it to protect their children, and that’s the whole thing about equity and equality that isn’t fair. So that piece is a very European belief system. And we are developing mini racists by not saying anything like that. That’s our role”

There’s much more, including more videos, at Progressives Today.

God help us…


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