Video: Watch Hillary Clinton slip down stairs in India despite two men holding her up

In a video obtained by the American Mirror on Monday, Democrat Hillary Clinton, the most evil person ever nominated to the White House by a major party, slipped while going down a flight of stairs in India, and required the help of two aides.

Clinton, the report said, was attempting to descend a flight of 15 stairs while visiting Jahaz Mahal in Dhar’s Mandu.

According to the American Mirror:

With Huma Abedin following behind, Clinton slipped about halfway down the descent, nearly tumbling down.

A man walking in front of her jumped to grab her as she reached for him.

Despite both men helping her get to the bottom of the stairs, she slipped again, nearly doing the splits.

Huma stopped to watch as Clinton attempted to regain her balance.

Hillary kicked off her sandals to get to the bottom of the stairs.

No one seemed alarmed by the startling display.

Here’s the short video, courtesy of the American Mirror:

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Clinton was in India promoting her book, “What Happened.”  As we reported earlier Tuesday, Clinton once again attacked Trump’s voter base, claiming that the states which voted for the Republican are “backwards.”

It’s not the first time Clinton has collapsed.

As the Daily Caller reported:

During the 2016 campaign, Clinton had to leave a 9/11 memorial early and was filmed collapsing on the curb while attempting to enter a van. Secret Service agents kept her from falling to the ground and loaded her into the vehicle.

The incident was blamed on pneumonia, and Clinton was filmed walking out of her daughter Chelsea’s apartment in New York City later that day, though she did leave the campaign trail for a few days to recover.

Former President Bill Clinton, in an interview after her memorial collapse, said that Hillary had fainted “on more than one occasion,” blaming dehydration for the episodes.


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