Video: Washington man admits slashing tire over Donald Trump bumper sticker

T2On Wednesday, Seattle’s KING 5 reported that Riley Siva pleaded not guilty to a malicious mischief charge after allegedly vandalizing a man’s car over a Donald Trump bumper sticker.

Police, however, said that when Siva was arrested earlier in the month, he admitted slashing the tires and pouring yogurt into the car’s open sunroof.

At the time, police said, Siva called the sticker a “hate symbol” and said his vandalism “improved the community.

“I do not expect the law to recognize damage to tools of hate or racism, such things need to be destroyed so good people may remain and become free,” Siva allegedly told officers.

Nate Eliot, the car owner, called Siva’s act a “hate crime” and said he felt “discriminated against.”

Here’s video of the report, courtesy of KING5:

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Siva’s actions will cost Eliot an estimated $5,000 to repair, the report said.  The yogurt, he said, “managed to get in the cracks in the center console and in the air conditioning vent.”

Eliot removed the sticker, he said, to keep his wife out of danger from other individuals suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome.


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