Video: Unhinged supporter of Democrat Elizabeth Warren attacks opponent, gets apprehended

On Sunday, Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Elizabeth Warren’s Independent Senate opponent, learned the hard way that liberalism is an ideology of insane bloodthirsty rage and hate.  While speaking outside a Warren event in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, the Indian-born Senate candidate was attacked by an unidentified man wearing a t-shirt which read “liberal” on the front and “Democrat” on the back.

According to the Daily Caller:

Ayyadurai, who spoke exclusively with The Daily Caller about the incident, said he and his campaign were in attendance Sunday to discuss the “hypocrisy of Elizabeth Warren and her platform.”

Warren, who was scheduled to speak at the Mahaiwe Performing Arts Center, drew a long line of supporters outside of the building. One of the attendants in line became furious after hearing Ayyadurai speak across the street from the event. He approached Ayyadurai, who began calling the man a racist. The man shoved the megaphone, which hit Ayyadurai’s face.

The man was quickly apprehended by police after being taken down by what appears to be supporters of Dr. Ayyadurai.

“I will take a punch in the face ANY DAY for America & Free Speech. We will have another ANTI-RACIST Rally against the scumbag and her White Supremacist THUGS. JOIN US. Declare Your Independence! Stop Race War,” he tweeted.

At least one person fingered Maxine Waters, the impeachment-obsessed California Democrat who said Trump officials should be confronted and harassed in public:

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“We are pressing civil charges,” Ayyadurai told the Daily Caller.

“He was carried away in cuffs and taken in for assault and battery and disorderly conduct,” Ayyadurai added.  “White liberals are the real racists. They must stop being white supremacists and racists and take a look in the mirror. They don’t own the narrative on race,” he further said.

Update: We initially said that Ayyadurai is Warren’s GOP opponent, but have since corrected that to reflect that he is an independent, not a Republican.


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