Video: Tenn. woman tells CBS outlet that Chattanooga shooter is ‘scum’

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Signoncar1You may have caught my report about Heidi Grubbs, a Chattanooga, Tennessee, woman who was fired and banned from several public shopping centers for her, shall we say, strongly-worded opinion about Islam.  If not, you need to go read it here.

One of the things Heidi told me is that the local media refused to cover her story. One network, she said, told her it would be “unfair” to their Muslim audience.  One Chattanooga station, WDEF News 12, took it on, and here is their report:

She minced no words describing the gunman who killed four Marines and one sailor.

“I made a comment specifically towards the terrorist Mohammad and his family by stating that he was a piece of sh** scum  and his family was too for killing our men. And then I was fired because I refused to apologize for it,” she told WDEF’s Erik Avanier.

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You can read their article — which, by the way, I found to be both fair and balanced — here.

I have spoken with Heidi a couple times since my report on Saturday, and she has told me a couple harrowing stories of what looks like harassment, intimidation and possibly stalking.  I suspect her troubles won’t go away any time soon, but I do hope and pray that the more exposure her story gets, the better things will be for her.

Sunlight has a way of keeping the cockroaches in the woodworks, if you know what I mean.

Now, of course, she needs a job, and is also looking for an attorney who will defend her rights under the Constitution.

In the meantime, kudos to Avanier and WDEF for having the courage to do what other “news” outlets wouldn’t.


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