Video: Teen tyrant David Hogg tells Canadians to donate to U.S. politicians, gets mic taken by Michael Moore

While appearing at the Toronto International Film Festival with wealthy filmmaker Michael Moore last week, David Hogg, the foul-mouthed anti-gun teen demagogue once dubbed the “king of the snowflakes” on Twitter, told Canadians to donate to U.S. politicians, something that is highly illegal.

“I have a question for you guys: Who’s ready to save America? Who’s ready to make America the country we say it is on paper and make it the actual country that it wants to be?,” Hogg asked the Canadians in the audience. “I think the most important thing to realize, however, is the problems we face as a country, whether it be water in Flint, Michigan or the amount of mass incarceration of people of color that can’t vote.”

“Turn that shame into your vote… if you’re not Canadian. Um. I think Canadians can donate to political campaigns in the United States,” he claimed.

“No they can’t,” Moore said, correcting him.

Hogg later repeated the false claim that the Russians had donated $30 million to the Trump campaign through the NRA, a conspiracy theory that has been soundly debunked.

While Moore did correct Hogg for saying Canadians can donate to U.S. politicians, he did not correct the NRA money-laundering lie.

Here’s video of the incident:

Talk about cringeworthy…


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