Video: Supporters of Officer Darren Wilson attacked by Ferguson protesters

wilson supportersIt seems that in Obama’s America, only certain people are allowed to make their feelings known.  During Wednesday’s edition of “The Kelly File,” Mike Tobin captured footage of a heated clash between supporters of Officer Darren Wilson and Mike Brown, the 18-year-old shot and killed earlier this month.

Two white Wilson supporters came out Wednesday to show their support for the officer, but this didn’t sit too well with Brown supporters who chucked bottles.  Eventually, the two protesters were whisked away by police.

Video below:

“So in other words,you’re not allowed to show up and protest for the other side?” Kelly asked.

Short answer:  No, not in Obama’s America where up is down, good is evil and evil is good.

Tobin responded by calling the Brown supporters a “mob.”

No word from Attorney General Eric Holder.  After all, these are only white people…


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