Video shows Antifa beating old man in street

A video posted to Twitter on Tuesday appears to show an elderly man being beaten by a group of thugs aligned with the radical anti-democracy group Antifa.  The tweet, posted by Beverly Hills Antifa, reads: “Make sure this video of Antifa beating an old man never hits the news.”

A post at Red Wire News says the video was shot during the Charlottesville riot last weekend.  Although the video seems to have been taken during that event, we were unable to independently verify that assertion.

What caught our attention was Antifa’s admission that they engaged in this violent assault on an older man and their silly concern that it might reach the media.

As we have reported time and again, liberal media propagandists have completely ignored these types of attacks from leftists.  In fact, they’re now telling us that things like this never happen.

Worse yet, if one mentions violence by Antifa, one is deemed a Nazi, a bigot and a white nationalist.

As one person said:

And another person noted:

Sad, but true.  The left-wing media has constantly ignored assaults like this as Steven Ahle noted here and here.

Making things worse, propagandists like Don Lemon completely ignore this violence while taking Antifa’s side.

And if that’s not bad enough, the previous two GOP presidential nominees — Mitt Romney and John McCain — have cast their lot with the people who did this.

We have to wonder — Does McCain and Romney condone this action?  According to them, these individuals are simply “fighting bigotry.”

Actually, the state of New Jersey has labeled Antifa a domestic terror group — something the federal government should also do.

But if we arrest these terrorists, should we not also arrest their enablers and accomplices?

True.  And one has to be a real low-life to support this group.

Will Mitt Romney and John McCain come to their senses and see what they’re supporting?  We doubt it.


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