Video: Shepard Smith falsely claims voter ID laws intended to keep minorities from voting

Shepard Smith lies about voter ID on air
Shepard Smith lies about voter ID laws on air. Screengrab: MRCTV

On Wednesday, Fox News’ Shepard Smith stepped in it again, falsely claiming that voter ID laws in Republican states are intended to keep minorities from voting, Newsbusters reported.

Curtis Houck said Smith started the “report” by explaining that “we’ve just gotten an AP news alert out of the State of North Carolina” before reading the AP headline about a court ruling preventing the state from enforcing voter ID laws.

“North Carolina put in one of those you have to show an I.D. rules which, so often in Republican states, are designed to keep some minorities from being able to vote and they’ve tried to reach the number of voting days,” Smith said as a matter of fact.  “The U.S. Court says that will not happen. Those rules will not go into effect in North Carolina this cycle.”

Of course, those laws are intended to protect the integrity of the voting process by preventing voter fraud, but Smith never mentioned that.

Here’s video of his claim, courtesy of MRC:

Houck added:

Longtime NewsBusters readers would recall how such asinine assertions about voter I.D. laws drove former managing editor and current Washington Times writer Ken Shepard up a wall (see here, here, and here) as MSNBC pundits and writers bloviated about it being a coordinated “voter suppression” campaign against particularly African-Americans despite the lengths some states would go for forms of acceptable identification and allowing provisional balloting in the interim.

My colleague Kyle Drennen showcased an excellent debunking of this behavior from MSNBC’s Tamron Hall back on August 22 as election attorney Mark Braden called out her citations of the Brennen Center brushing off voter fraud as coming from “an advocacy group” pushing “the notion that vote fraud doesn’t exist, is, of course, lunacy.”

As we’ve recently reported, it’s not the first time Smith has let his radical leftism slip on-air.  Recently, for example, he sparked an outcry on Twitter after claiming Donald Trump “trades in racism.”

He also slammed Bobby Jindal for daring to say that “all lives matter.”

So much for “fair and balanced…”


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