Video: As Senator, King Obama says nuclear option ‘was not what the Founders had in mind’

kingobamaOn Thursday, Senate Democrats violated a century-old rule to pass what has been called the “nuclear option,” turning the Democrat-controlled Senate into a rubber-stamp for Barack Obama’s judicial and executive appointments.

Obama was happy with the rule change, but he didn’t always support it.  In fact, while serving at the junior Senator from Illinois, he spoke out against it.

Video of that can be seen below:

“The nuclear option was not what the Founders had in mind. It will poison Washington,” he said.

Of course, that was when Republicans had control of the Senate and the White House.

Now that Democrats are in charge, it’s a different story.  This time around, Obama is happy with the Democrat’s de facto coup d’etat.

On Thursday, his message was quite different:

Here’s his statement today:

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Dick Morris added:

The practical implication of this coup is that we now are moving more and more toward a parliamentary system in the U.S. rather than one based on checks and balances as our forefathers set up. We are nearing an elected dictatorship where the president can do what he wants with a compliant Senate willing to confirm judges who grant him the power to do so, Constitution or not.

This is what “fundamental transformation” is all about…