Video: How secure is the U.S.,Mexico border?

Video: How secure is the U.S./Mexico border?Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif stated that the U.S. and Mexico border issue is immoral, expensive, and unwise, but ignored how open the really is that is allowing illegal aliens and terrorists to cross over.

Unfortunately, some Republicans have joined the Democrats such Texas Rep. Will Hurd, who stated that “building a wall is the most expensive and least effective way to secure the border.”

Joe Biggs and David Rodriguez in a video decided to go out and disprove claims by Democrats and leery Republicans that the United States border is secure and does not need further reinforcement such as the wall that President Trump has advocated building.

The area of the border that is unsecured is easily accessible and has no fence, no wall, or any secure points are between Anapara, Mexico and Sunland Park, New Mexico.

Biggs and Rodriguez were able to walk over the border with ease and also in good merits invited a Mexican national that was near the crossing to come over to America.

“That’s the fence,” says one of the men as they approach the measly barrier that currently stands between Mexico and America. “That’s all … they’ve gotta jump right there.”

Meanwhile, the Washington Times reported that illegal immigration across the southwestern border is down a stunning 76 percent since President Trump was elected, with the flow of children and families dropping even faster as analysts say the administration’s commitment to enforcing the law has changed the reality along the border.

Washington Times:

“A lot of the discussion about changes in our enforcement policy and the way we are going about doing business, we believe that has deterred people,” said Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan. “When you get here, it is likely you are going to get caught. You are going to be returned to your country.”

That approach marks a major change from the Obama administration, which struggled to handle the flow of illegal immigrants from Central America.

Under Obama-era policies, hundreds of thousands of children and families from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras were caught and then released into the interior of the U.S., where they often failed to show up for their deportations and instead disappeared into the shadows.

President Trump outlined his immigration policy and in that policy, Trump stated that for many years, Mexico’s leaders have been taking advantage of the United States by using illegal immigration to export the crime and poverty in their own country (as well as in other Latin American countries).

They have even published pamphlets on how to illegally immigrate to the United States. The costs for the United States have been extraordinary and U.S. taxpayers have been asked to pick up hundreds of billions in healthcare costs, housing costs, education costs, welfare costs, etc.

Indeed, the annual cost of free tax credits alone paid to illegal immigrants quadrupled to $4.2 billion in 2011. The effects on job seekers have also been disastrous, and black Americans have been particularly harmed.

The impact in terms of crime has been tragic.

In recent weeks, the headlines have been covered with cases of criminals who crossed our border illegally only to go on to commit horrific crimes against Americans.  Most recently, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, with a long arrest record, is charged with breaking into a 64 year-old women’s home, crushing her skull and eye sockets with a hammer, raping her, and murdering her.

The Police Chief in Santa Maria says the “blood trail” leads straight to Washington.

In 2011, the Government Accountability Office found that there were a shocking 3 million arrests attached to the incarcerated alien population, including tens of thousands of violent beatings, rapes and murders.

Meanwhile, Mexico continues to make billions on not only our bad trade deals but also relies heavily on the billions of dollars in remittances sent from illegal immigrants in the United States back to Mexico ($22 billion in 2013 alone).

The cost of building a permanent border wall pales mightily in comparison to what American taxpayers spend every single year on dealing with the fallout of illegal immigration on their communities, schools and unemployment offices.

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