Video: Scott Baio says Obama either dumb, Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer

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Scott BaioWhile appearing on Fox Business recently, Scott Baio, the actor known for his role on “Happy Days,” said he believes that Barack Obama is either “dumb,” a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer.

“I can’t tell, Lester, if he’s dumb, he’s a Muslim or he’s a Muslim sympathizer,” he said.

“And I don’t think he’s dumb.”

He also speculated on the possible end-game for liberals like Obama and Clinton: “Is it to totally eliminate the United States as it was created and founded and the way it is now?”

Here’s video of his comments:

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But it doesn’t end there.  Baio, who, by the way, has endorsed Donald Trump, also tweeted a picture that caused lefty heads to explode across the country:

Naturally, he was called a racist and a homophobe for the comment.

Baio responded:

Good question.  Of course, we’ll never get a good answer.

And he didn’t back down when confronted by someone professing to be an American Muslim:

It continued:

I think I just got a newfound respect for Baio.


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