Video: Sarah Palin slams Eric Holder’s ‘disgusting’ racism charges

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sarah palinWhile speaking at the Western Conservative Summit in Denver, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin slammed Attorney General Eric Holder, telling the crowd she doesn’t need to take advise from a cabinet member who’s been held in contempt.

“I don’t need lectures from Eric Holder,” she said.   “Not many cabinet members in U.S. history have been held in contempt of Congress.”

“That racism charge is a disgusting, false charge. Just because someone opposes a failed unjust agenda that makes them a racist, Mr. Attorney General?” she asked.

These days, the answer is yes.  So, too, does disagreeing with Obama about anything.  Liberals have become so crazed about race, they even claim to be able to see it in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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Video of her remarks can be seen below at about the 38:00 mark:


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