Video: Sandra Bland protester says all white people should be killed

sunshineGenocide.  It’s become the latest craze among radical leftists, especially those who support the so-called “Black Lives Matter” crowd.

The latest episode of “Liberals Say the Looniest Things” comes from Waller County, Texas, where a black activist going by the name “Sunshine” protested the death of Sandra Bland.  Sunshine quite literally called for genocide and said all white people must die.

Don’t take my word for it, here’s the video, courtesy of Breitbart Texas.  But be warned, this creature can’t form a sentence without dropping lots of “f-bombs.”  No doubt the product of taxpayer-funded “education.”

According to Infowars, she also live-streamed her insanity, proving to the world that liberals like her are bloodthirsty genocidal maniacs.


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