Video: Russians name black goat ‘Obama,’ Putin refuses meeting

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obamathegoatIt seems that Barack Obama is quite unpopular in Russia.  So much so that a Russian farmer named a black goat after him in a move NBC News called insulting.

The Primorsky Safari Park obtained the goat and apparently tried to arrange a meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but was rebuffed after the Russian leader said he “holds no meetings with goats.”  There’s a reason for that, as NBC explains:

“Goat” in Russian is an insult used for obtuse, obstinate and headstrong people.

“It took a while to prepare the paperwork for Obama’s move [from Sochi to the park],” director Dmitry Mezentsev said. “Guarantees were required that Obama would bring no pests, that Obama has no tapeworms etc.”

NBC News added:

President Barack Obama is not a popular man in Russia. Restaurants throughout the country have said they would ban him, should he stop by, and he has unwillingly lent his name to a brand of chocolate ice cream.

The park in Russia’s far southeastern corner has dabbled in tasteless gimmicks in the past. Earlier this year, it added a female goat named after German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

A video report can be seen below, courtesy of NBC:

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NBC did not provide a statement from the White House, but we’re certain outlets like MSNBC will deem this racist in no time at all…


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