Video: RINO Peter King falsely claims Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are RINOs

peter_king_angry_APIt seems Democrats aren’t the only ones adopting Saul Alinsky tactics to demonize those who want to see Obamacare defunded and repealed.  Some in the Republican Party have done so as well.

Consider Rep. Peter King, RINO-N.Y., who recently claimed that Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are the real RINOs.

“Andrea, this is the strategy of Ted Cruz and going back to mid-September, I said that Ted Cruz was a fraud, that there was a dead-end to this policy and it made no sense to follow it. John Boehner also told us in early September that it would be the wrong thing to do to shut down the government in an attempt to defund Obamacare,” he told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell.   “Unfortunately, we have three or four dozen Republicans in the House, Cruz Republicans, who basically threatened to bring the House down if John Boehner did not pursue this policy. John knew it was not doing to work, but he felt he had no choice. I understand his position.”

King continued his demonization.

“I’m really more concerned about why more Republicans around the country didn’t join me in denouncing Ted Cruz. We now have people on the sidelines coming forward who we have to take a stand here. We cannot allow our party to be taken over by the likes of Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. I mean, these are people, isolationists, I consider them RINOs, because they don’t represent traditional Republican principles. Ted Cruz, what he did here, was lead the party into a dead end with no strategy, somehow convincing a number of House Republicans that we just sent this to through Senate as far as defunding and closing down the government, he would manage to get Harry Reid and President Obama to back down. He never had a plan. It was fraudulent from the start. And we have to cut this guy off now.”

It’s rather stunning, considering that the term RINO indicates someone who isn’t a conservative.

Perhaps King would prefer Republicans roll over and cave to Obama’s demands, even if it means the destruction of the country.

He also made the charge while speaking with Wolf Blitzer.

Video of his comments can be seen below:


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