Video reveals vulgar stupidity of socialist college students confronted by conservatism, reality

odonnellIn a video posted Wednesday to Hypeline, a student identified as Sarah O’Donnell, a senior studying creative writing and environmental studies at Denison University, a small liberal-arts school located in Granville, Ohio, was unable to conduct a civil discussion with conservatives from Turning Point USA, and “defended” her beliefs with a string of vulgarities and nonsense.

Hypeline posted a photo of what it said is a typical table set-up at the college:

Denison-U-Table-Setup-e1459967187232So without further ado, here’s video of O’Donnell defending her point of view…

Hypeline added:

The video featured in this article shows very clearly the bigotry of the far-left. These students have no desire to talk policy, and when they tried to steer the conversation towards a civil discussion they were insulted and called vulgar names.

Unfortunately, this is just one of the many incidents that occur on college campuses all across the country. Due to the polarization of universities in this country, not only are students only exposed to one side of issues, but they have become so sensitive to differing views that simply expressing an opinion other than what they believe is now considered racist and oppressive.

I’ve personally encountered many leftists just like this individual, and trust me, it is not a pleasant experience.  What’s even scarier is that students like O’Donnell will one day lead the nation.  If you think Obama, Clinton or Sanders is bad, just wait…

Hypeline asked: “What do you think of the student featured in this video? Have you encountered similar students on your college campus?”

We’d like to know as well, so please, tell us your experiences in the comment section below…


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