Video: Progressive organizer banned for life from Adelson’s casino for interrupting GOP debate

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protester-debateOn Tuesday, Kai Newkirk, an individual who describes himself on Twitter as a “Progressive organizer” and a co-founder of something called “99Rise,” said he was banned from Sheldon Adelson’s casino for life after interrupting the GOP debate.

He bragged about the incident on Twitter and posted a video of his protest on Facebook.

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Here’s his Facebook video:

I just disrupted the #GOPDebate to call for free & fair elections not billionaire auctions. It’s time for a #DemocracySpring If no Republican candidate or debate moderator will speak to the truth that our political campaign system is corrupt and call for reform to save our democracy then We the People will do it for them. Earned a lifetime ban from Sheldon Adelson’s Venetian. #worthit

Posted by Kai Newkirk on Tuesday, December 15, 2015

CNN reported:

One person opined:

Another person promised:

Even as we were writing this, Newkirk whined:

He didn’t provide any examples, so I guess we’re just supposed to take his word for it.

Maybe he meant this:

And just think, the election season is just getting started good.  We have another 11 months of this to go…


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