Video: Philly Reporter Fired after Obscene Rant against Police Officer

On Tuesday, PHL 17 reporter Colleen Campbell was fired after she was arrested outside of Helium Comedy Club Sunday night for assaulting along with an obscene tirade against a police officer.

The incident was caught on video posted on social media by New York-based comedian Wil Sylvince.

Sylvince stated, “When she got kicked out she assaulted (kicking, punching, and eye poking) 3 of the employees in bar area right outside the showroom and then outside she mock spit in the mangers face when a cop came. She verbally abused this poor cop who was trying to keep the peace at first.”

Fox News picked up the story and reported:

The 28-year-old was asked to leave the venue after multiple warnings for disrupting a show featuring comedian Craig Robinson with her loud whispering. She then allegedly got into a fight with bar staff while on the way out.

Campbell was then filmed telling police “you guys are f—ing dictators… you f—ing c—k suckers” outside of the venue. She then added, “I did not do s—t, I stood there and laughed like the rest of the audience like I should. I did not disrupt anybody.”

The officer, who remained calm, told Campbell and her male guest to walk away. This only enraged Campbell. She was then caught calling the officer a “f—ing piece of s—t” and attempting to spit on the face of a man standing nearby. reported that Campbell told them in a statement that she is ashamed and embarrassed after a video showing her abusing a cop went viral.


Campbell said in part:

I am ashamed and embarrassed by my actions. They were profane, inappropriate, and offensive. They do not reflect the person I am or how I was raised. The person in that video is not the real me.

I would like to apologize to the Philadelphia police officer who bore the brunt of my outburst, the entire Philadelphia Police Department for their patience, my former employers and coworkers whom I have let down, and my fellow patrons at Helium Comedy Club whose night out I might have disrupted.

My recollection of my time at Helium and the incident are hazy. Based on my on-air reporting career and my bartending jobs, I know my limits when it comes to drinking and I know to stay out of the limelight. My actions on that video are not the result of a handful of drinks spaced out over a couple of hours. I believe I may have been unknowingly drugged at some point that night.

I did not receive medical testing while in custody because, as I recall, I was advised by personnel at the police station that such testing would delay the process of my being released.

I am hopeful that the Philadelphia police officer who dealt with me Sunday night will allow me to apologize to him in person and express to him how truly sorry I am for what transpired.

Campbell faces charges of resisting arrest, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct and is scheduled to appear in court on June 13.

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