Video: Pennsylvania business learns ‘affordable’ health care plan is not affordable at all

hurt2Just 12 miles from where Barack Obama was speaking in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, employees of Simonetta’s Collision Repair Center learned the hard way what Obama means by “affordable.”

Naturally, as much of the rest of the country is finding out, these employees learned there’s nothing “affordable” about the Affordable Care Act.

The Blaze reported:

Judy, a mother of one child who saw her premiums skyrocket 42 percent along with her deductible doubling, had nothing positive to say about the news, “I don’t know who President Obama thinks he’s helping.” She continued, “Because we can’t afford to pay these co-pays, to pay these deductibles, on what we earn.”


“They call it the affordable health plan, there’s nothing affordable about it,” said Jeff, one of the two single men working at the company.  Jeff saw his deductible increase 60% from $1250 to $2000.  So did Dave, the other single man at the company.


“Wake up, America. This isn’t acceptable,” Jeff told WTAE.

When pushing the law, Obama promised health care premiums would go down $2,500 per year per family.

But as Americans are learning the hard way, that just isn’t true.

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Video of the report can be seen below: