Video: Palestinian flag spotted at Democratic Party-approved Trump protest in Arizona

leftists-palestinianOn Saturday, a large number of far-left activists blocked traffic on a main highway to keep Trump supporters from attending a rally in Fountain Hills, Arizona.

A number of videos are coming out of that protest, but one video posted to Twitter shows protesters displaying a Palestinian flag:

It’s also interesting to note that the Arizona Democratic Party supports this effort to shut down political speech with Alinskyite protesters aligning themselves with the pro-terror Palestinian Authority.  Says a lot about the modern Democratic Party, doesn’t it?

Sadly, these low-information knuckleheads fail to realize their efforts are only making Trump stronger.

Yeah, I’m talking about people like this:

That pretty much sums it up.  Soros and his surrogates, by the way, have contributed over $700,000 to the failed campaign of Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who would have to secure more than 100 percent of the remaining delegates to win.


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