Video of the Day: Watch Dan Rather claim ‘truth is closing in’ on Trump, who is running a cult

While appearing on fake news CNN, disgraced propagandist Dan Rather absurdly claimed that the “truth is closing in” on President Trump, who, he alleges, is running a cult.

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that truth is closing in. Truth does matter,” he told Brian Stelter.  As if he would know what the truth really is.

Rather, Newsbusters informs us, “still claims his lies about Bush were true.”

He also told Stelter that Trump’s support seems cultish.  Keep in mind this is the same Dan Rather who thinks it’s the media job to shame Trump supporters.

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Here’s video, courtesy of Newsbusters:

Here’s a partial transcript, courtesy of Newsbusters:

RATHER: I think we’ve seen the last few days, as to say, truth has begun to close in. Facts are beginning to matter. The difference between facts and the truth, people under oath and the false narratives that have been put out in way of defense is beginning to tell.

Now, whether it’s making a deep enough impression on public opinion to convince enough in the Republican Party in power to begin to say to themselves, “look, we have to fall in behind the truth.” I have some doubts, which is it say the Republican Party as a whole and in particular members of the Senate and the House and Republican Party are standing with the President. They are complicit in what he’s doing. And as long as they are, then this false narrative, in which it’s very easy to give false equivalence to the false narrative may yet reassert itself.

What I come back to for the first time I’ve had the feeling that truth is closing in. Facts are closing in. There’s still a lot we don’t know. I think in the succeeding, say, two to three weeks before Christmas, it’s going to be decided whether there’s a breakthrough with what we don’t know that swings public opinion with enough pressure on enough Republicans to make this really interesting in the Senate. Or whether it’s a done deal, the House passes impeachment, Mitch McConnell and company kills it in the Senate very quickly and we move on.

STELTER: Let’s see if can come back to McConnell because SNL had some jokes at his expense last night.


STELTER: Yeah, exactly. Look, the fate of the Trump presidency is in Mitch McConnell’s hands. We all know this is all going to end up in the Senate. Dan you tweeted something that might be related to this. You said the other day, “I have covered many cults. Some end with a bang, others with a whimper, but they invariably end. The question is how much damage they leave in their wake.” Is Mitch McConnell part of the Trump cult?

RATHER: Yes. I think the short answer is yes. And I’m not the only one making this observation that increasingly President Trump’s support seems cultish. It’s all about him it’s not about the policy, it’s not about the standards of politics. Ronald Reagan had a very solid following but he stood for something in terms of policy. Franklin Roosevelt, same way.

These cults—cults generally don’t end well. People will say it’s too much to say it’s a cult. But I don’t think so because the further we go, it is always all about him.


RATHER: It’s not about a policy. And, by the way, on the issue at hand, the impeachment thing, this gets down to question of did he or did he not try to bribe a foreign government? Did he or did he not try to intimidate witnesses? When I say history is closing in on him and facts are closing in.

I think increasingly, people who pay attention, even people who really like him and people who perhaps are part of the cult, have to say, “Yeah, you know, it does look like he tried to bribe this foreign government, it does look like he’s trying to intimidate witnesses.” Whether or not that’s enough to have a real trial in the Senate or not, I have my doubts.



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